During the height of the pandemic that hit in 2020 when lockdowns were in effect and people were not allowed to attend birthdays, weddings, funerals and other large gatherings, Gari was approached by a friend who wanted to do something special for his parents for an anniversary and birthday, since the lockdown kept him from taking them out to celebrate. He asked Gari to do a song dedication video for his parents, and this led to others who also needed song dedication videos to share with their loved ones whom they couldn't be with on their special occasions. Gari has now done 26 song videos during the pandemic and now that gatherings have been allowed again, he has been singing in person again for many on for just a few of the testimonials and feedback he has received.


"One of the hardest things about the pandemic was the way it separated people especially older people who were unable to see family and friends. 

April 13 2020 in the first lockdown was my mum’s 85 birthday and my parents wedding anniversary. I could have sent a present but for older people I don’t think presents really make up for not being able to see family so I thought I would do something different and instead asked my old friend and erstwhile singing colleague Gari Glaysher to dedicate a song to them. 

He sang You Raise Me Up and posted on line. They were deeply touched – remember this was early days in the pandemic – it was a frightening time we didn’t know when or if we would all see each other again, and this little gesture made such a big difference to them."

~ Simon P.

"A review for the simply amazing Gari Glaysher 

When my mum and dad died unexpectedly within eight months of each other it was a really difficult time. Being in the middle of Covid we were unable to have funerals and to provide them with the send-off they deserved. When the opportunity arose to do things properly my sister and I decided to have a joint celebration of life for them both. It was really important to get it right not only for mum and dad but for the people who loved them. 
My mum and dad had a very strong Christian faith and had left a list of songs/hymns that they wanted to be sung at their funeral when the day arrived. 
My sister and I were determined to make it really special so I asked Gari if he would sing one of my mums‘s favourite hymns. Gary immediately agreed (even though it was quite short notice) and learnt the hymn especially for my mum. On the day Gary sang two of my mums favourite hymns solo and also supported the congregation singing as well. The whole church was just filled with music and song and it was just breath taking. Gary sang so beautifully with so much emotion - my parents would just have loved it. 
I can just imagine my dad would’ve still been talking about it three years from now! 
It would be impossible to recommend Gari to you any more than I do. He is simply amazing with the most incredible voice, delivered with strong emotion and complete sincerity. Gary is one of the best, a truly amazing guy. If you want to make an occasion totally special and filled with love and joy, he is your man."

~ Stephie W.


"I first heard Gari sing at “Ride to the Wall” at the National Memorial Arboretum and loved his voice so much that I listened to his songs on YouTube and on Facebook. I mentioned to Gari that my late husband and I had an “our song” and it was “Just the way you are “by Billy Joel. Gari had started singing dedications etc for friends and on what would have been our Wedding anniversary I was completely overwhelmed to see a post from Gari singing “Just the way you are “ and the video faded to a photo of me and my late husband on our wedding day . It reduced me to tears but happy ones to think that Gari had taken the trouble to learn it and to sing it so beautifully . I treasure the video and often listen to it . Gari is not just a brilliantly talented singer he is one of the kindest caring people I have met."

~ Kay B.


"I’ve sung with Gari in grand opera (‘I Pagliacci’) and, as a friend of my late mother, he sang movingly at her funeral service. Gari always sings with true feeling and sincerity. His voice can be powerful, as in opera, or sensitive when the occasion requires."

~ Jenny J.


"My wife was going to be celebrating a “landmark” birthday, and so I asked Gari if he would record a version of one of her favourite songs for her birthday. My wife loves watching Outlander and in particular, she loves the theme tune to it, “The Skye Boat Song”, so I asked Gari if he could record that for her. Gari did an absolutely brilliant job, he sang it beautifully and the video was brilliant, he really captured the atmosphere, the sentiment of the song. When my wife watched it for the first time she was reduced to tears, happy tears, she commented that it was one the best birthday gifts that she had ever received. I can’t thank Gari enough for what he did, it was beautiful, and the reaction to it was emotional, a memory that will be treasured forever."

~ Bob M.


"I wanted to do something a bit different but very personal for my husband on our 10th wedding anniversary. I decided I wanted to put some of our wedding photos to the song we had for our first dance. I had no idea how to go about doing this, but knew it was what I wanted to do! It suddenly came to me to ask Gari if he would be able to help. I just thought he may be able to sing for us, but he put the song and the photos together in a beautiful video. Gari has an amazing voice and a real gift for music. We were over the moon with the video and so thankful to Gari for his time and effort in producing it for us. It will be treasured."

~ Hayley A.


"I had heard Gari sing at rttw and his voice reduced me to tears. My own son is  a serving Royal Marine and one lock down it was especially hard because many of our military were stuck in different countries unable to get home, I help a charity called veterans United against suicide and isolation meant many were at greater risk. We approached the wonderful Gary who agreed to do a live version of bring him home.  My phone didn't stop that day with calls of thanks and gratitude for a wonderful gesture by an amazing man xxx"

~ Jules B.